Woolloomooloo subdivision plans

Year Call No Title Boundaries Date
1901 Z/SP/W16/1 Town lost Auction Sale Dowling St, Wilson St, Pring St, Maclean St Mon 25th Feb 1901
1921 Z/SP/W16/2 Duke Street Resumption Duke St, Dowling St, Nesbitt St, Pring St Fri 18th Feb 1921
Z/SP/W16/3 Block 14-A this block is in "John Palmer's 100 acres grant dated 25th July 1793 Riley St North, William St, Yurong St, Stanley St
1923 Z/SP/W16/4 William Street Resumption Rosebank to Forbes St on Premier Ln Fri 23rd Mar 1923
Z/SP/W16/5 Plan of Wooloomooloo Bay Lincoln Cres, Dowling St, Griffith's St, Cowper Wharf
Z/SP/W16/6 Block 14A Riley's Estate Yurong Ln, Yurong St, William St, Riley St
Z/SP/W16/7 [Woolloomooloo sketch plan] Bourke St, Bland St, Cowper Warf
Z/SP/W16/8 [Woolloomooloo sketch plan] Duke St, Dowling St
1900 Z/SP/W16/9 Diagram "A - D" showing land reclaimed and subdivided by Crown at the head of Woolloomooloo Bay Sir John Young's Cres, Plunkett St, Forbes St, Dowling St, Nicholson St, Cowper Wharf Jul-00
1872 Z/SP/W16/10 Riley Estate Block A26 Junction Ln, Palmer St, Wooloomooloo St 29th Apr [1872?]
1869 Z/SP/W16/11 [Woolloomooloo sketch plan] No boundaries shown [6th Oct 1869]
1869 Z/SP/W16/12 Letter regarding Hon J Frazer's Estate 6th Oct 1869
Z/SP/W16/13 [Woolloomooloo sketch plan] Duke St, Dowling St
1849 Z/SP/W16/14 Plan of 74 building allotments at Wolomoloo [sic] for sale by Mr Mort McLeay St, Wolomoloo Rd, Forbes St 16th Apr 1849
Z/SP/W16/15 [Woolloomooloo sketch plan] Bourke St, Liverpool St, Thomson St
1873 Z/SP/W16/16 Portion of Block C23 on the Riley Estate Forbes St 18th Dec [1873?]
Z/SP/W16/17 [Woolloomooloo sketch plan] Dowling St, Judge St, Woolloomooloo Ln
Z/SP/W16/18 [Woolloomooloo sketch plan] Liverpool St
Z/SP/W16/19 Block 18, Riley Estate Brougham St, Victoria St, Liverpool St
Z/SP/W16/20 Letter regarding Riley Estate
1873 Z/SP/W16/21 [Woolloomooloo sketch plan] Thompson St 16th Aug [1873?]
1810 Z/SP/W16/22 [Woolloomooloo sketch plan] Burton St, Liverpool St, Bourke St, Palmer St 1st Feb [1810]
Z/SP/W16/23 [Woolloomooloo sketch plan] Yurong Ln, Riley St
Z/SP/W16/24 Block 20 Riley Estate new grant Dowling St, Liverpool St
Z/SP/W16/25 [Woolloomooloo sketch plan] Forbes St, Judge Ln
Z/SP/W16/26 Block 10 Riley Estate new grant Liverpool St, Burton St, Dowling St
Z/SP/W16/27 [Woolloomooloo sketch plan] Liverpool St, Bourke St, Thomson St
Z/SP/W16/28 [Woolloomooloo sketch plan] Liverpool St, Bourke St, Thompson St
Z/SP/W16/29 [Woolloomooloo sketch plan] Darlinghurst Rd, William St, Forbes St
Z/SP/W16/30 [Woolloomooloo sketch plan] Bourke St, Forbes St, William St, Ann St
Z/SP/W16/31 Riley Estate Woolloomooloo William St, Yurong Ln
Z/SP/W16/32 [Woolloomooloo sketch plan] Dowling St, Susan Pl
Z/SP/W16/33 Lot 8 Sec 2 Tusculum Estate Woolloomooloo Duke St, Dowling St
Z/SP/W16/34 [Woolloomooloo sketch plan] Bland St, Wilson St, Forbes St, Dowling St
Z/SP/W16/35 [Woolloomooloo sketch plan] Nicholson St, Cypress St
1911 Z/SP/W16/36 Goderich Estate, Darlinghurst Woolcott St, Darlinghurst Rd, Victoria St Sat 27th May 1911
1921 Z/SP/W16/37 Darlinghurst Duke St, Victoria St, Cowper Wharf Thu 26th May 1921
Z/SP/W16/38 5 valuable lots Bourke St near William St Bourke St, Burrahpore St, Woolloomooloo St, William St Tue 25th Mar
1883 Z/SP/W16/39 Estate of late Thomas Farrell, Darlinghurst Heights Victoria St North, Albert St, Orwell St Wed 28th Nov 1883
Z/SP/W16/40 [Woolloomooloo sketch plan] Brougham St, Duke St
1918 Z/SP/W16/41 City investments in Estate late Mrs Walter Hall (auction notice) Fri 8th Mar 1918
1918 Z/SP/W16/42 [Position of property at Cowper Wharf, Woolloomooloo Bay] Bland St, Bourke St, Cowper Wharf Fri 8th Mar 1918
Z/SP/W16/43 [Woolloomooloo sketch plan] Palmer St
1889 Z/SP/W16/43a Inspection of plans and diagrams for purpose of surveys under Real Property Act 11th July 1898
Z/SP/W16/44 C10 Riley Est [Woolloomooloo] Yurong St, Riley St, Stanley St
Z/SP/W16/45 Block 28 Riley Estate new grant William St
Z/SP/W16/46 Riley Estate Block B11 new grant Liverpool St
Z/SP/W16/47 [Woolloomooloo sketch plan] William St
Z/SP/W16/48 Block 13 [Riley Estate] new grant Liverpool St
Z/SP/W16/49 Riley Estate Block C 3 0 3 16 Crown St, Burton St, South Head Rd
Z/SP/W16/50 Block 27 Riley Estate new grant Crown St
Z/SP/W16/51 Riley Estate Block C 3 Woolloomooloo Burton St
Z/SP/W16/52 Block 19, Riley Estate new grant Brougham St, Liverpool St
Z/SP/W16/53 Riley Estate Charles St, Forbes St
Z/SP/W16/54 B 2 Riley Estate Woolloomooloo Burton St, Oxford St, Crown St, Palmer St
Z/SP/W16/55 Proposed wharf extension Woolloomooloo Bay Brougham St, Duke St, Dowling St
Z/SP/W16/56 [Woolloomooloo sketch plan]
Z/SP/W16/57 John McSweeney's Subdivision - part of Block F11 Riley Estate Woolloomooloo Charles St, Margaret Ln, Charlotte Ln
Z/SP/W16/58 [Woolloomooloo sketch plan] No boundaries shown
Z/SP/W16/59 Block 8 Riley Estate new grant Forbes St
Z/SP/W16/60 [Woolloomooloo sketch plan] Charles Ln
Z/SP/W16/61 [Woolloomooloo sketch plan] Burton St, Crown St
Z/SP/W16/62 [Woolloomooloo sketch plan] Bay St, Bourke St, Charles Ln
Z/SP/W16/63 [Woolloomooloo sketch plan] Burton St, Brougham St, Liverpool St
Z/SP/W16/64 [Woolloomooloo sketch plan] Bay St, Forbes St
1887 Z/SP/W16/65 Block 23-C Riley Estate new grant Woolloomooloo Forbes St, Thomson St [23rd Mar 1887]
Z/SP/W16/66 [Woolloomooloo sketch plan] Bourke St, Burton St
Z/SP/W16/67 Part of Yeomans Sub Woolloomooloo Dowling St
Z/SP/W16/68 [Woolloomooloo sketch plan] Woolloomooloo St, Junction Ln, Forbes St, Charles St, Charles Ln, Bourke St, Bay St
Z/SP/W16/69 [Woolloomooloo sketch plan] Gordon St, Bourke St
Z/SP/W16/70 [Woolloomooloo sketch plan] Francis St
Z/SP/W16/71 [Letter to Glazier - Riley Estate]
Z/SP/W16/71a [Riley Estate Woolloomooloo] Judge St, Forbes St
Z/SP/W16/72 Plan of Lots 1 & 2 - Gibson's Estate - part of Block A14 - Riley Estate at Woolloomooloo William St, Riley St, Yurong Ln
Z/SP/W16/73 Block 17 Riley Estate New Grant Victoria St, Surry St
1876 Z/SP/W16/74 Stoneleigh House No 297 Dowling St, Darlinghurst St 14th July 1876
Z/SP/W16/75 Riley Est Block 2A new grant Gordon St, Bourke St
Z/SP/W16/76 [Woolloomooloo sketch plan] Corfu St, Forbes St
Z/SP/W16/77 [Woolloomooloo sketch plan]
Z/SP/W16/78 Block F15 Part of John Palmer's 100 acres Grant Riley St, William St, Crown St, Stanley St, Crown Ln, Stanley Ln
Z/SP/W16/79 Block G11 Palmer's 100 acre gr Bourke St, William St, Barnet Ln, Palmer St, Bourke Ln, Sutton Ln, Stanley St
Z/SP/W16/80 A2 Riley Estate new grant Woolloomooloo Burton St, Palmer St, Bourke St, Gordon St, James St
Z/SP/W16/81 Duke Street Freeholds Duke St, Nesbitt St, Dowling St, Pring St
Z/SP/W16/82 [Woolloomooloo sketch plan] Riley St, Stanley St, Yurong St
Z/SP/W16/83 Riley Estate - Parish of Alexandria - County of Cumberland - Cert of Title Vol 4 Fol 36 Burton St, Bourke St
1901 Z/SP/W16/84 [Cancelled Certificate of Title Vol 4 Fol 36] [5th Oct 1901]
1892 Z/SP/W16/85 City of Sydney - Part of Orwell Estate - Parish of Alexandria Dowling St, Bourke St [19th Feb 1892]
Z/SP/W16/86 [Woolloomooloo sketch plan] Duke St, Dowling St
Z/SP/W16/87 [Woolloomooloo sketch plan] Palmer St, Burton St, Gordon St
Z/SP/W16/88 [Woolloomooloo sketch plan] Bourke St, Burton St, Thompson St
1873 Z/SP/W16/89 Riley Estate - Woolloomooloo - Block B 11 New Grant - Parish of Alexandria Liverpool St, Darlinghurst Rd 20th Feb 1873
1879 Z/SP/W16/90 Riley Estate - Block F23 - Woolloomooloo - Sutton's Subdivision William St, Smedley Ln [30th May 1879]
1879 Z/SP/W16/91 [Riley Estate - Block F23 - Woolloomooloo - Sutton's Subdivision] William St, Smedley Ln 30th May 1879
Z/SP/W16/92 [Woolloomooloo sketch plan] James St, Bourke St
Z/SP/W16/93 [Woolloomooloo sketch plan] Riley St
Z/SP/W16/94 [Woolloomooloo sketch plan] Riley Ln
1874 Z/SP/W16/95 A14a Riley Estate - Woolloomooloo Riley St [1874]
1884 Z/SP/W16/96 [Woolloomooloo sketch plan] Stanley St, Stanley Ln [1884]
Z/SP/W16/97 Riley Estate - Block E17 - New Grant Surry St
1881 Z/SP/W16/98 Riley Estate - Portion of Block C8 - Woolloomooloo - Parish of Alexandria Crown St [Dec 1881]
Z/SP/W16/99 [Woolloomooloo sketch plan] Crown St, Stanley St, Riley St
Z/SP/W16/100 AB9 [Woolloomooloo sketch plan] Stanley St, Riley St, Chapel St
Z/SP/W16/101 Block 16 Riley Estate New Grant Stanley St, Riley St, Crown St, Chapel St
Z/SP/W16/102 Riley Estate - Block 11 - New Grant Burton St, Brougham St, Liverpool St
Z/SP/W16/103 [Woolloomooloo sketch plan] Surry St, Stanley St
Z/SP/W16/104 Plan of Part of Block A14 of Riley Estate - Woolloomooloo Stanley St, Riley St
Z/SP/W16/105 [Woolloomooloo sketch plan] Riley St, Stanley St, Crown St, Liverpool St
Z/SP/W16/106 [Woolloomooloo sketch plan] Dowling St, Susan Pl
Z/SP/W16/107 [Woolloomooloo sketch plan] Burton St, Palmer St, South Head Rd, Crown St
Z/SP/W16/108 [Woolloomooloo sketch plan] Riley St, Stanley St
Z/SP/W16/109 [Woolloomooloo sketch plan] Stanley St
Z/SP/W16/110 Plan of part of Block F11 Riley Estate - Woolloomooloo Chapman St, Margaret Ln
Z/SP/W16/111 B2 Riley Est Woolloomooloo Oxford St, Palmer St, Gordon St, Crown St
Z/SP/W16/112 City of Sydney - Resumption Palmer St and Berwick Lane Palmer St, Berwick Ln, Palmer Ln
Z/SP/W16/113 Plan of part of Block E12 of Riley Estate being part of John Palmer's 100 acres grant - Woolloomooloo - Parish of Alexandria- Appn No 12956 Francis St, Yurong St
Z/SP/W16/114 [Woolloomooloo sketch plan] Bourke St, Ann St, Forbes St
Z/SP/W16/115 [Woolloomooloo sketch plan] Crown St
1903 Z/SP/W16/116 [Woolloomooloo sketch plan] Stanley St, Crown St, Riley St [14th Oct 1903]
Z/SP/W16/117 [Woolloomooloo sketch plan] Crown Ln, Riley St, Yurong Ln
Z/SP/W16/118 The Kirkton Allotments - Property at Darlinghurst William St, Woolloomooloo Rd, Kirkton Rd
1918 Z/SP/W16/119 Block 13 - New Grant Burton St, Liverpool St [1st January 1918]
Z/SP/W16/120 [Woolloomooloo sketch plan] Palmer Street
Z/SP/W16/121 [Woolloomooloo sketch plan] Riley St, Burton St
Z/SP/W16/122 [Woolloomooloo sketch plan] William St, Bourke St, Forbes St, Burton St
Z/SP/W16/123 [Woolloomooloo sketch plan] William St, Riley St, Yurong Ln
Z/SP/W16/124 [Woolloomooloo sketch plan] Palmer St, Oxford Street
Z/SP/W16/125 Land included in Application No 12628 - City of Sydney - Parish of Alexandria- County of Cumberland William St, Forbes St
Z/SP/W16/126 Survey for 3 Descriptions - Woolloomooloo - Liverpool and Yurong Sts Liverpool St, Yurong St
Z/SP/W16/126a Riley Estate - Block 22 - New Grant Liverpool St
Z/SP/W16/127 [Woolloomooloo sketch plan] William St, Baker St
Z/SP/W16/128 5 Valuable Lots - Bourke St near William St Woolloomooloo St, Burrahpore St, William St, Bourke St Tues 25th March
Z/SP/W16/129 Block C3 - AW Riley - Woolloomooloo Burton St, Crown St, South Head Rd
Z/SP/W16/130 Block C8 - AW Riley - Woolloomooloo Stanley St, Palmer St, Liverpool St, Crown St
Z/SP/W16/131 Block C10 - AW Riley - Woolloomooloo Stanley St, Riley St, Liverpool St, Francis St, Yurong St
Z/SP/W16/132 Block C19 - AW Riley - Woolloomooloo Woolloomooloo St, Forbes St, William St, Bourke St
Z/SP/W16/133 Block C20 - AW Riley - Woolloomooloo Woolloomooloo St, Bourke St, William St, Palmer St
Z/SP/W16/134 Block 23 - AW Riley - New Grant Forbes St, Liverpool St, Thompson St
Z/SP/W16/135 Block 12 - AW Riley - Woolloomooloo Liverpool St, Victoria St, Burton St, Broughan St
Z/SP/W16/136 Block 16 - AW Riley - New Grant Surry St, Surry Place
Z/SP/W16/137 Plan of Block C10 - Riley Estate - Surry Hills - AW Riley Campbell St, Riley St, Gipps St
Z/SP/W16/138 Block 1B - Riley Estate - New Grant Burton St, Palmer St
Z/SP/W16/139 Woolloomooloo - Part of Yeoman's Subdivision - Part of Hallen's 920 Grant - Parish of Alexandria Dowling St, Woolloomooloo Ln
Z/SP/W16/140 Riley Estate - Block C19 - Parish of Alexandria St Peters St, William St
Z/SP/W16/141 [Woolloomooloo sketch plan] William St, Riley St, Yurong Ln
1869 Z/SP/W16/142 Riley Estate - Woolloomooloo Palmer St 18th September 1869
Z/SP/W16/143 [Yeoman's Subdn] George St, Woolloomooloo Ln, Dowling St
Z/SP/W16/144 [Riley Estate - Block F15 - Woolloomooloo] [Riley St, Crown Ln]
Z/SP/W16/145 Riley Estate - Woolloomooloo - E Beaumont's Lands - Block 22E Crown St, Broughams Pl
Z/SP/W16/146 Block A14 Stanley St, Riley St
Z/SP/W16/147 [Plan A2 Bourke St] Bourke St,
Z/SP/W16/148 Letter address to F Reuss - Re: Certificate of Title Vol IV Fol 36 No boundaries shown
1920 Z/SP/W16/149 City Council Leasehold - William St - Resumption Riley St, Yurong Ln, Crown St, William St Fri 12th Mar 1920
1865 Z/SP/W16/150 Plan of Wolloomooloo Bay - as reclaimed showing the allotments to be offered for sale Palmer St, Lincoln Cres, Bourke St, Forbes St, Maclean St, Dowling St, Alfred St, Bay St, Griffiths St, Plunkett St, Nicholson St, Bland St September 1865