Riverwood subdivision plans

Year Call No Title Boundaries Date
Z/SP/R10/1 Plan of Anglo Australian Co's subdivision of Davis' 100 acres & Redman's 30 acres grant William Rd, Lillian Rd, Shenstone Rd, Amy Rd, Clarendon Rd, Pan Rd
1924 Z/SP/R10/2 Beaumont Estate, Punchbowl Belmore Rd, Hannan's Rd Sat 3rd May 1924
Z/SP/R10/3 George's River Estate, George's River Belmore Rd, William Rd, Henry Rd, Lillian Rd, Short Rd, Shenstone Rd, Amy Rd, Clarendon Rd, Pan Rd
Z/SP/R10/4 Plan shewing subdivision of John Munro's 61 acres William Rd, Belmore Rd, Colebridge St, Mary St
Z/SP/R10/5 Plan shewing a proposed rescission at Salt Pan Creek Thurlow St, William Rd, Littleton St, Lillian Rd, Cairns St, Shemstone Rd, Hardwicke St, Amy Rd, Clarendon Rd
1880 Z/SP/R10/6 Tivoli Park, Peakhurst Height-Hurstville Belmore Rd, Josephine St, Clarendon St, Coleridge St, Romilly St, Thurlow St, Littleton St, Erskine St, Cairns St, Elson St, Hardwicke St, Talbot St Sat 20th Feb 1880