File 52: Views of Rockley, Trunkey, Montefiores, Carcoar, Blayney, Wellington, Orange, Bathurst and Dubbo

Call Number Title
ON 4/Box 52/no. 122 Panorama of Orange
ON 4/Box 52/no. 123 Farm and country road scene (with Merlin's photographic cart), Orange district
ON 4/Box 52/no. 124 Commercial Banking Company of Sydney, Orange
ON 4/Box 52/no. 126 Anson Street, looking north from Summer Street, Orange
ON 4/Box 52/no. 127 Summer Street, looking west with Lord's Place and the paddock that was later Robertson Park on the right, Orange
ON 4/Box 52/no. 128 Summer Street, looking east from Anson Street and the Commercial Banking Company, Orange
ON 4/Box 52/no. 130 J. Woodward's store, Byng Street, Orange, looking east from corner of Anson Street (with Stockwell's Commercial Hotel second from left)
ON 4/Box 52/no. 131 Looking east from James Dale, saddler, Summer Street and Anson Street, Orange
ON 4/Box 52/no. 132 Summer Street streetscape from Nelson Bros, Orange
ON 4/Box 52/no. 133 Dalton Bros, Post Office, Coroner's & County Clerks' Offices, Summer Street, centre, south side, Orange
ON 4/Box 52/no. 134 Charles Stockwell, innkeeper, and his Commercial Hotel with Royal Mail coach outside, Byng Street, Orange
ON 4/Box 52/no. 135 Summer Street, east, looking west, Orange
ON 4/Box 52/no. 137 Dalton Bros. storage yard and stables, Summer Street, Orange
ON 4/Box 52/no. 138 Looking south east from the Courthouse corner across paddock, later Robertson Park, Orange
ON 4/Box 52/no. 139 All Saints Church of England, William Street, Bathurst
ON 4/Box 52/no. 140 George Street, looking north east from Russell Street at St Stephen's Presbyterian Church and school and Club House Hotel, Bathurst
ON 4/Box 52/no. 141 St. Michael's & St. John's Roman Catholic Cathedral, Bathurst (from the tower of which the Bathurst panorama was taken)
ON 4/Box 52/no. 142 Methodist Church, Bathurst (before the spire was added in 1876)
ON 4/Box 52/no. 143 Fruit, vegetable and poultry market in Russell Street, Bathurst
ON 4/Box 52/no. 144 All Saints Church of England and parsonage, Bathurst
ON 4/Box 52/no. 145 James Jaye, tinsmith and tank maker, his wife and employees outside his works, George Street, Bathurst
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