City of Sydney subdivision plans : Parish of St Lawrence, County of Cumberland: Z/SP/811.1748

(Park, William Streets, Liverpool St., Elizabeth St. and from corner of William and Yurong Sts. to College and Liverpool Sts.)
Call No Title Boundaries
Z/SP/811.1748/1 Hyde Park, Southern Portion, Sydney - Contour Plan College St, Park St, Elizabeth St, Liverpool St
Z/SP/811.1748/2 City of Sydney - Hyde Park -Southern Section Park St, Elizabeth St, Liverpool St, College St
Z/SP/811.1748/3 [City of Sydney Plan showing properties and occupants with measurements] Oxford St, College St, Liverpool St, Wentworth Av, Elizabeth St, Clarke St, Brisbane St
Z/SP/811.1748/4 Appn No. 6850 - Trustee of German Evangelist Church - Lutheran Church [Section 5] Goulburn St
Z/SP/811.1748/5 [City of sydney Sketch Plan showing property/park] College St, Elizabeth St
Z/SP/811.1748/6 [City of Sydney Sketch Plan showing properties with measurments] Goulburn St, Elizabeth St, Liverpool St
Z/SP/811.1748/7 Plan of 23 Lots - Stanley St, Sydney - Comprising the property of the late Sir Francis Forbes adjoining the Sydney College and Hyde Park Stanley St, College St, Francis St
Z/SP/811.1748/8 [Anzac Memorial and Hyde Park Improvements - Sydney] Elizabeth St, Liverpool St, College St, Park St